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My name is Alex Margarit and I would like to share with you my passion for technology and the purpose that propels me forward. Today, I work for ServiceNow a truly revolutionary software platform that changes the way that people work for the better. Prior to this I have worked for some of the largest software houses such as VMware and BMC Software the inventors of virtualisation and Business Service Management. I am a business owner and subject matter expert for a number of areas including Service Integration and Management as well as financial management, resource management, asset management, configuration management, supplier management and IT service management in the UK. When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling the world and living life passionately.

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Why I do what I do

I believe in a better future for everyone where everybody benefits from technology and that this will better us as human beings. I believe that silos are what limit us, our understanding and our ability to truly embrace our destiny. I believe that we limit ourselves and our abilities constantly by being slaves to the process and our data and not making these things work for us. I believe we build for now and not for the future. I believe the right  information should be shared and distributed for the common good and not be limited by unnecessary walls. I believe that working as a team is always better than working by ourselves and it is only our inability to work together that binds us. I believe that if we pool our capabilities we can achieve anything!

The Origin Story

I have shared below a little bit about my history so you can understand a lot of my orgins (everyone needs an origin story right!).

Global Vagabound

I spent most of my childhood travelling around the world and living in all sorts of different places like the Barcelona and Sitges in Spain, North Queensland and Sunshine Coast in Australia and Oslo, Norway. I learnt the local customs, languages and found out quickly what was really important to people.

Early adopter

During this time I maintained an interest in computers. I got my first computer at the age of 9 and by the age of 13 had translated a CRM software package, including the 200 page manual from Norwegian to Spanish. During my time working in Law I worked with many of the management teams to automate legal processes using bespoke macros and other means to integrate customer information with standard forms. I saw early on the enormous benefit that could come with automating mundane tasks to improve my own productivity and those of my colleagues.

With the arrival of the internet I quickly saw the potential to take information from the web such as government and credit information to update legal forms and also built a number of websites for law firms, helping them shape their online marketing and search engine optimisation strategies. At this time I published a number of articles on online marketing both on the web and also in a number of trade journals.

Working in the Cloud

In 2003 from having seen my interest in web marketing and software integration one of my suppliers contacted me and offered me a job working for a cloud-based information and practice management software service and solution set. I worked with some of the largest legal, financial and government organisations in Australia to automate information gathering and back-end processing to introduce significant savings. As a cloud based solution set this organisation was ahead of its time and I was able to learn the importance of white labeling as well as how to improve user adoption through knowledge transfer and proper training. I set up regular training sessions with my key customers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and was instrumental in growing the business dramatically over a 2 year period working side by side with the General Manager to build strong sales, marketing, customer service functions and channel.

Business Service Management

I took a job with a key Business Service Management vendor, in 2007. Since joining the company I have applied everything I have learned over the past 25 years to grow my business. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most senior IT executives in some of the world’s most influential organisations. Helping shape the strategy of organisations such as Rolls Royce, Astrazeneca, Deutsche Bank and Lloyds Banking Group in order to improve key processes and build business savings across the IT organization. Some of the key takeaways over the past few years that I have gathered is to properly understand both your internal and external stakeholders. Whether you are building a multi-million dollar improvement project or getting buy in from your colleagues on a new strategy, stakeholder and champion management is critical to the adoption and success of your project.

Working with Passion

One of the key talents that I bring to any organisation that I come in contact with is the way in which I can uncover potential savings in organisations and identifying who in the organisation is best at championing this initiative. This skill has enabled me to get buy in on some significant projects that have in turn generated large cost savings and improvements in productivity, which in turn has enabled me to build business. Understanding my customers, the processes that they follow, the key stakeholders, how they get measured and where they are in terms of the adoption of technology has been critical to my success. Because I am truly passionate about this topic I have been able to build a competitive advantage around these areas.

Love to hear what you think!

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