Interviews and Webinars

One of my favorite parts of what I do is sharing my knowledge with audiences via an online Video or Webinar, from web conferences, online presentations to Q&A sessions. Here are the ways I can bring knowledge, guidance, and direction:

The Power of ITSM and Social Media 


There are many great speakers on the overall strategies for using social media and business service management and with over 20 years working with IT enterprise systems and 10 years working and selling Cloud Solutions. I’ve mastered the concepts behind ITSM, Business Service Management and Social and have used the platform to launch my own successful career.

In my sessions, I will give you inside information on how to get the most out of  to:

  • Identifying potential problems that impact both the internal and external customers of IT
  • Define these into strong use cases
  • Suggest potential solutions that might address these challenges
  • Generate more cost savings and service improvements across your business
  • Work out strategies to better engage with your customers to improve service
  • Get the business to support your initiatives through strong stakeholder management
  • Build true business value
  • Become less reactive
  • Become a thought leader

Contact me here to inquire about a customized for your next conference, summit, or corporate meeting.

Service Management Networking and Social Media

Not only have I built my career, I’m also known for starting ITSM and Social Media, a linkedin group that discusses major social media issues in Service Management and works out innovative ways to solving these challenges as well as provide a strong forum for networking. The site also places a heavy focus on how social media impacts the Service Management industry.

These online networks are a natural extension of my love for both IT, Service Management and Web Technology. Audiences have enjoyed my presentations on:

  • How to build your social network
  • How to deal with the changing landscape of social media
  • How to launch and build your personal brand in service management
  • How to become proactive in Service Management
  • How organisations, teams and companies can utilise social media to grow their business
  • Social media best practices and trends
  • Networking, personal branding, and social media in IT

Contact me here to inquire about a customized sports networking presentation for your next conference, summit or corporate meeting.

Alex Margarit

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