Start: 90 day Health Challenge

Yes that’s right I’ve set myself a 90 day challenge! To make health a priority once more! Why 90 days? Well in approximately 90 days I’m due to go on holiday to the US. This will involve skiing at high altitude and other adventures so I want to make the most of it.

Technology and it’s role in my health.

The other twist to his health challenge is that I want to fully embrace the tools that are going to get me there 🙂


Throughout the next 90 days I want to document my adventures using various tools and report back on my findings. The idea being that I get to come up with the ultimate set of simple habit like tools to make a healthy man out of myself!

Why get healthy

Some of the reasons why I want to get healthy is because:

  • I’m going to hopefully feel better
  • I’ll have a better state of mind
  • I’ll be generally more productive

Let’s see if these benefits materialise – even if they don’t I guess it’s a good thing to do .

Story so far

I have been toying with the idea of improving my health for a little while so in preparation I dusted off Ye old Apple watch and started to wear it.

The Apple Watch connects automatically to Apple Health. Although a series 2 Apple Watch it does the trick in terms of tracking what I need it to for the time being. After watching the Apple updates to the last two watches at this stage there really wasn’t much I felt I was missing at this stage. Especially considering it broke in August and Apple replaced it for free with a new one of the same model.

The Apple health app:

It looks at 4 main parts of your life activity – mindfulness, nutrient and sleep. Considering they are all a pretty natural place to start I thought I would commence with these.


As you can see from the below snap shot of my activity in the past year I have set some thresholds and measured my general movement, excercise and standing time.

What is clear is that over the past few months all three have dipped off a little and my excercise goal of 30mins a day on average I have never consistently hit. This is the recommended daily average. In fact to achieve weight loss and some form of significant impact it is recommended to do 300 minutes a week. So that’s it this is my goal.

They say to focus on one thing at a time when you are starting to that’s it – today activity tomorrow the world.

Health App

Wish me luck!